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Desperate to win contra aid, President Reagan says that the Nicaraguan rebels are “the moral equal of our Founding Fathers.” Historical novelist Howard Fast calls this “an explosion of such incredible ignorance that… he is not fit for public office of any kind.”


Federal district judge nominee Jefferson B. Sessions is questioned by the Senate Judiciary Committee about his statement that the Klan was “okay until I found out that they smoked pot,” and about some derogatory comments about the NAACP. “I may have said something about the NAACP being un-American or Communist,” he admits, “but I meant no harm by it.”

He is the first of President Reagan’s judicial appointments to be denied confirmation.

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  1. President “Braaaaaiiins!!” and his faithful Assclown – long time no see!


  2. but he did have jelly beans on the desk……
    and was perfect in EVERY way


  3. Tim Waters says:

    Beany never looked better. When all that stuff was going on with the Contra investigation, Mr.GE said he didn’t remember what he said or did. Now that we know he basically just drooled on himself, I guess I believe him.


  4. Freida Bee says:

    And, on this day in history, a Navy ship named in Reagan’s honor retreated from helping the Japanese avert a global nuclear disaster because it was too dangerous.



  5. rehctaw says:

    Had we just given Reagan everything he wanted, the revolution would have been over by now.
    The statues and statutes ripped down and the edifice left to rot in the sunshine.

    Hippie Hindsight.


  6. Bruce388 says:

    It could be that the USS Reagan had to leave to mine some nicaraguan harbors, along with delivering a cake shaped like a key to the Iranians.


  7. Deborah says:

    Of course, you know that Lil Jeff’s middle name is “Beauregard.” Nice touch, huh?