I’m flying Virgin from now on

Natalie Williamson claims she, her 17-month-old son, Riley, and her now estranged husband were on a Virgin flight from Fiji to Sydney, when the flight attendant picked up Riley, placed him in the locker and closed the latch.

Sadly, Virgin fired the flight attendant.

(Herald Sun)

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  1. God, you would have stood and applauded. I understand.


    • Tengrain says:

      Pissed –

      There is some sort of misconception that grandparents cannot travel but that grand-babies can. We must endeavor to correct this.

      I have been known to change flights if I see infants in the waiting area. True: I ask at the check-in counter how many seats are occupied by parents (especially mothers) travelling with children, and then I ask to see what the next flight has.

      Yes, I loath children: they smell funny and use too much vermouth.




  2. on an american airline, they probably would have tossed him off the plane or arrested Riley for being a terrorist


  3. Bruce388 says:

    A comedian on XM was talking about his 3-year-old, not housetrained, bundle of joy running around with his full diaper in his hand, along with used food all over his little body. He sat on the brand new comforter in the master bedroom. The comedian had to move carefully, otherwise there would be a streak of used food all the way across the brand new comforter.

    Do I miss not having offspring? Nope.