Gov. Walker takes a prank call…

…and Mother Jones has the tapes. The prankster poses as David Koch and he takes the call. And they both reveal dirty tricks that they considered performing and ethical breaches.

My favorite part: Walker agreed with “Koch” that Mika from Morning Joe is a “Real piece of ass.”

UPDATE 1: And now Governor Walker has a press meeting to discuss what he said on the prank call. It is blowing up in his face.

UPDATE 2: The presser doesn’t go well. “I take phone calls all the time.” What a stooge.

(Mother Jones)

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0 Responses to Gov. Walker takes a prank call…

  1. okjimm says:

    You should have heard him address Wisco on the Tube last night. I am still recovering.


  2. willis says:

    Ouch! That didn’t go well for walker.


  3. Nor should it. What an Asshat. I hope he chokes on this one.


  4. HarpoSnarx says:

    This is the age where Stooges win all the time.

    Look for this specimen on the Gooper ticket in 2012.