Another World Leader Quits


Where have I seen this story before…?

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0 Responses to Another World Leader Quits

  1. perdurabo says:

    Can he see Israel from his house?


  2. FAUX Nooze will be sure to sign him up, right?


  3. okimm says:

    perdurabo—— funny. has Mubarak got his fox deal lined up yet?


  4. Some Techie says:

    Seriously, the man’s a billionaire. Leaves office without prosecution. No charges of human rights violations. Living large for the past 30+ years. Gee, he’s like a bigger, better version of George W. Bush.


  5. Matty Boy says:

    @Some Techie: Switzerland has frozen his accounts, so we will see if he remains a billionaire.


  6. Bruce388 says:

    Reports are Hosni’s worth between $40 and $70 billion. Real estate in Manhattan, Rodeo Drive, money in the Bank of Scotland, and the aforementioned Swiss accounts. Even if he never sees a Swiss franc, Hosni’s a long way from starvation.