Bachmann’s rebuttal: Strawberries

It only lasts for a few seconds, so listen carefully, but I think maybe her cheese has slipped off her cracker.

(Oh, yeah, forgot to mention it is a Tengrain Film)

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  1. carl says:

    Haven’t seen The Caine Mutiny for years…one of Bogart’s best…maybe I’ll put it in my Netflix lineup now….C


  2. KarenZipdrive says:

    Look at her looking to the right of the camera. She’s so right-wing she can’t even look straight ahead.
    Her rebuttal shows how much disarray the GOP is in. The teabaggers are like carpetbaggers invading the GOP.
    HAHAHAHA! Good!


  3. gumby says:

    Thanks for the laugh.


  4. I stumbled across this on YouTube, TenGrain. When I realized it was Queeg (the strawberries! That’s where I had them), I was rolling on the floor. Exactly the right quote. Well played.

    (Still, I wonder where she’s keeping her steel balls. Hmmm.)


    • Tengrain says:

      Hart –

      My dad bought a sailboat (it was allegedly a WWI-era dingy and leaked like a sieve) when I was a kid, and my older siblings called him Captain Queeq behind his back. His friend Jack also had a boat (and his kids called him Captain Bleigh) and they used to have a boat race every summer. I cannot remember a single time that our boat actually made it across the finish line. I do remember one year it sank.

      Jack was usually waiting at the finish line with a pitcher of beer for my dad, who would try to blame the loss on one of us kids.

      Anyway, the strawberries has been an on-going joke in my family forever, so it sort of came to me naturally.




  5. nonnie9999 says:

    how ironic that she’s worried about the strawberries when she’s totally bananas.


  6. driftglass says:

    Ain’t no logic like geometric logic


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  9. Frank says:

    Cheers for the morning chuckle. Gotta love Nonnie’s comment.


  10. moeman says:

    The synching is spectacular.