Open Thread: Arizona reaction

Scissorheads –

I’ve been out all day and just returned home and read the news, and I’m still trying to digest it all. We already know who, what, when and where; we don’t know why, but of course we have a lot of clues.

It will be interesting to see how the Right Wing Nut Jobs spin it, and I will look forward to David Brooks and Cokie Roberts immediately saying both sides do it. But of course, both sides don’t. I’ve yet to hear of a leftist firebombing a clinic, assassinating a doctor in his church, flying a plane into an IRS office building, or blowing up a federal building. Yet somehow, I’m sure we will be told that it is an isolated incident, a lone wolf, doesn’t mean anything, keep moving, keep moving.

Hate radio will not be contrite in the slightest, and Glenn Beck will shrug it off like he did the last domestic terrorist he spawned in California. Sharron Angle’s “second amendment remedies” will go undiscussed, and Sarah Palin’s notorious bullseye target graphics (complete with lock and reload rhetoric) will be found faultless. The NRA will come out with one of their usual platitudes about how if the victims had been carrying guns… Lone wolf, isolated incident, single data point, both sides do it.

Please feel free to vent in the comments.

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0 Responses to Open Thread: Arizona reaction

  1. tom belt says:

    I have a horrible feeling that this was done by a mindless person that has listened to the teachings of such people as Glenn Beck, Bill O’reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich and others that continuously preach hate and anarchy.

    I am also terribly fearful that this is just the beginning.

    With the so called “tea party” gaining strength and hijacking what was the Republican party, and the fascists like Boehner (pronounced boner) and the rest of the minions that hate the U.S. and the Constitution now in power and the fact that they now feel embolden to reak whatever havoc they choose, the outlook is bleak unless the American people actually wake up and view what is happening around them.

    The mindless that listen to the anarchists and believe what they preach are a sorry bunch to be sure. However, they are fanatical enough to elect the people to office that will intentionally wreck this country in order to please their masters and enrich themselves in the process.

    I firmly believe that it does not matter which party our elected officials are part of, they have their own self interests far above the interests that are best for America.

    What is to be done?
    How do we rid ourselves of these bastards?
    Please, please somebody come up with a solution to the problems that we have. A solution to the endless wars of aggression, the unconstitutional spying on Americans and others, Gitmo, a Congress (Both houses)that are wholly owned by corporations-both American and foreign, the campaign contribution laws, term limits, health care (Entirely one sided to the “law makers”), national security, senior citizen care and on and on and on.

    I am absolutely sick of our “government” and what they are doing to the common man.

    How about, instead of an election, we pick people from the census of the states to serve one term in congress? After we clear Washington of all the pricks, we can then again start electing people that have the best interests of the United States instead of corporate America?

    What do you say?


  2. Albatrossity says:

    We already know that facts and evidence will not make any impact of the folks who created this atmosphere. They are, as TG said, already preparing their talking points, and they will not be swayed from those talking points by anything, particularly evidence. We just have to hope that finally the folks who listen to their shit will figure it out, and turn their backs on the hatred and mendacity that they seem to lap up right now. I frankly don’t have much hope for that, but I’d be real happy to be wrong here.


  3. nonnie9999 says:

    i don’t expect the fringies to change one fucking bit. however, i’m hoping (but not very hopeful) that the news outlets (other than faux news, of course, who will cover the opening of a new hooters restaurant or something else in order to avoid this story) will rethink whom they will give microphones to.


  4. Ten: The sheriff of the county was superb. Sadly, he lost at least one friend (the judge who was killed). He expressly stated that hate talk could lead the susceptible to to the unacceptable. Long and short, a grown up was in the room, and that might make a difference. One can hope. Yeah, still.


  5. gumby says:

    i do not believe Governor palin can grift out her way out of this predicament, but then again i never thought W could possibly win a 2nd termster?

    very sad and angry in il.


  6. Beverly from Montreal says:

    Another tragic American mass shooting by a mentally deranged individual with free access to purchase firearms. I believe folks in Arizona can walk the streets with weapons strapped to their bodies; you know, just like they did in the days of the wild, wild West and just like all the other shootings, this horrendous event will be talked about for the required length of time and then pushed aside for something more newsworthy. It will be back to business as usual until the next looneytoon, for whatever insane reason, decides that it is his duty to take out as many of his fellow human beings as the bullets in his gun can hit.

    Today, with the Left blaming the Right and the Right pointing the finger at the Left, we can see how great the divide truly is. America, we grieve for you.


  7. Beverly – in your grief i wish you could help this country – we are falling apart at the seems. the lunatics are in charge – and the only thing they care about is themselves (and getting re-elected)

    whether this is politically motivated or not almost doesnt matter – what matters is the gun culture we continue to nourish and encourage and enable

    Virginia Tech
    Long Island Railroad
    Ft Hood

    should I name more – the spin (aided and abetted by the media) will be the lone nut – not the fact that guns in this country are as easy to get as Tums


  8. libhomo says:

    Beverly: The fact is that the shooter was acting on the instructions on Sarah Palin’s terrorist gun target map. Everyone, regardless of ideology, should hold Sarah Palin and her ilk responsible for this terrorist attack. The right is already playing politics on this to protect their own. This needs to stop.


  9. Beverly from Montreal says:

    We on the outside can only look on in disbelief and horror and watch as Americans turn on each other. The incendiary rhetoric spewed by Palin since her unfortunate rise to fame seems to fanned the flames of hatred to an alarming & dangerous degree. Under the guise of ‘free speech’ a U.S. citizen can ignite the spark which can incite those sick & extreme elements of society to violence. I understand there is a loyal & dedicated following for those in the business of promoting hate and since there are no limits on how far you can go I really don’t see anything happening to improve the political climate. I agree that it needs to stop but how do you do that?


    • Tengrain says:

      Beverly –

      I can only agree with you about how this looks from the outside; it doesn’t look much better from the inside. While I don’t believe that there should be limits on Free Speech, I do think that there must be context and an understanding that words have meaning and impact. When you incite action (even from the mentally weak), you must be prepared for what follows.

      What I mean is, I don’t think anyone should/can tell Sarah Palin to shut up, but I do think that Gifford’s family should be able to collect damages from the Palins if they can prove that her elimination rhetoric pushed this nut into his assassination attempt. At some point she had to know that there is a possibility that someone would act (just the fact that she has scrubbed the infamous bulls-eye graphic from her website tells you that they know they are in some way complicit), which makes her an accessory (at least in my book).




  10. Yeah, Palin’s graphic stupidity stands out as an obvious example of speech-as-incitement-to-violence, but if you listen to the shooter’s rants about the gold standard and taking over the world, it becomes obvious that he’s one of the remedial dunces “enrolled” in Glen beck’s on-line “university.”

    Now there’s a font of fear and desperation and crocodile tears for the babyz the Evil Lefties are gonna eat right outta their Poor Amerikun Mommies’ arms if Real Amerikunz don’t get busy with their “second amendment remedies.”.

    If an American Imam said half of this crap and a follower went postal, the Imam would be behind bars in a heartbeat, and stay there for the rest of his life.


  11. Paul W. Luscher says:

    Well, Ron Paul’s already started out with the “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people” rot–although it’s a hell of a lot easier to kill people with a pistol holding 30 rounds of ammunition, than with, say, a ballpoint pen….

    ….And leaving unexplained why, in any supposedly civilized society, anyone would NEED to have a pistol holding 30 rounds of ammunition.



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