This sunrise is brought to us by…

The Cunning Runt.

(Here in Cali, the sun sets over the ocean, so that looks kinda weird to me. But there you have it, I’ll just pretend it is a sunset instead.)

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  1. grs says:

    If you lived in Michigan, you could see the sun rise and set on the water.

    Nice picture, and nice rip rap.


  2. Jacob says:

    Hi Tengrain! Nice to hear from you. As you know, I’ve not been writing a lot recently, but hopefully will get back into it soon…I’ve got too many photo blogs to worry about!

    This is a beautiful photograph, not weird at all!

    Have a super holiday celebration and a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!


    • Tengrain says:

      Jacob –

      I’m always delighted when you come by, and I know how difficult it is to keep multiple blog projects going at once. Besides MPS, I’m at Black Magpie Theory, and I’m often substituting for Watertiger at Dependable Renegade.

      Scissorheads, you should give Jacob’s blog Contextual Criticism a spot on your daily web travels. Jacob is in the trenches fighting the Theocrats, and runs a tight ship.




  3. Totally not weird, and perhaps even too healthy.

    Are you sure you’re all right, Tengrain?


    • Tengrain says:

      Thunder (and others) –

      It’s weird when you are a life-long left-coaster and you think of the ocean as the place where the sun sets. When I was living in Santa Barbara, the coast there actually faces south (it’s kinda in the bendy part of our coast), and to this day, I maintain that’s why I have no sense of direction. It’s my story and I’m sticking with it.

      But, the larger point is, TCR’s picture is truly lovely, n’est-ce pas?