Last one out, turn off the lights

The Government runs out of money this weekend unless Congress can approve a budget. You’ll never guess who isn’t cooperating.

[GOP Leaders are] demanding that Congress pass a short-term funding measure, which would expire early next year and give the incoming Republicans the power to cut spending significantly.

That didn’t take long. Time to send in the hostage negotiater.


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0 Responses to Last one out, turn off the lights

  1. tommyspoon says:

    Let ’em. This really backfired on ’em in 1995. I was working for the gummint at the time and remember having to tell my landlord that he would get paid when I got paid. He was very cool about it. One of my older neighbors tore up her GOP membership calendar over this.


  2. Paul W. Luscher says:

    And I suppose Obama thought his little tax-cut surrender would mean they’d make nice with him from now on? LOL. Freaks like these are like sharks. Once they smell blood, they just want more.


  3. Reamus says:

    I hope the try it again, they have a short memory, did it with Clinton and got ALL the blame…asshats, ecvery one.


  4. tina says:

    What’s Samuel L. Jackson doing these days? He took care of snakes and that’s what these folks are…


  5. raceynora says:

    Samuel L. Jackson is serving 3 years for tax evasion [while the BART cop who shot a black man in the back while he was laying on his stomach got – what – two years? The House Dems should grow a spine and let the boosh tax cuts expire and refuse the payroll tax “temporary” tax cut – they are all traps. We did just fine with the Clinton tax rates.


  6. Someone should let them shut the lights, hood a couple of them and beat the shit out of them. Cooperation should follow. But when the republicans and 95% of the democrats are working for the same team, that’s too much to ask for.


  7. Bruce388 says:

    I think Wesley Snipes is the action hero in the slammer for tax evasion.