Tengrain presents…

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The Negotiator-2

The Negotiator-3.jpg

And this is why President Carebear should not be allowed to pre-emptively negotiate with the GOP.

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  1. Dimitrios says:

    The medical term for the Carebear’s infirmity is “Dicker Interruptus.”


  2. libhomo says:

    Barack Bush doesn’t give a shit about middle class and poor Americans. He’s the one behind zapping us with highly carcinogenic airport XRay scanners based on faked “terror risks.” It’s all about profits for his corporate buddies. Anyone who hasn’t figured out that Barack Bush is one of the Goppers by now is hopelessly naive.


  3. Tengrain–too true, he’s doesn’t just give in, sometimes he bloody “throws in”. And that’s what pisses me off. I’d like some protesting from the bully pulpit. If the GOP is being ridiculous (like always), or some Bush era provision has run its evil course through America’s veins long enough, I want some damn condemnation coming down. As it is, the GOP pretends they aren’t getting their bipartisan-flavored candy and dutifully cries.

    In the words of Granpappy–I’d give’em something to cry about. But I have to tell you–the goat in the center panel probably is a 50 dinar goat. Clear eyes, clean, good coat. The seller was getting rid of him at a bargain. For 40 dinar and a new rope I’d be on my way.


  4. It happens so often, it’s almost like it’s an inherent part of the dums strategery. But that’s just crazy talk.


  5. rehctaw says:

    Meanwhile via wikileaks we learn that the disease ridden goat was served to Rethuglican leaders at an informal
    luncheon. It was rendered and prepared by INS detainees from Zacatecas and got raves from the leadership. “Best Damn Chili I ever et, much better than the trollop’s beaners make!” claimed an Ariz. senator who wished to remain anonymous.


  6. Frank says:

    If austerity measures pass and Tax Cuts for All passes, then there is no doubt that President CareBear becomes President OneTerm.


    • Tengrain says:

      Frank –

      I think he was President One-Term before he took the oath of office. No one can fix the economy that Chimpy left us in four years, and he will be the one to take the blame. Regardless, he could learn some simple strategy and fight back, but I don’t think he has the wits or the guts to do it.




  7. Frank says:


    Probably true. But imagine if he went all populist on us. From the start: slamming the banks and the health insurance companies, supporting job growth by making outsourcing more expensive and other radical DFH ideas. Remember that one shining moment during the healthcare “debate” when Obama took on the Repubs by himself and showed them for the lying hacks they were?

    Oh, shit. Got my hopes up again. Back to work.


  8. Pharmakeus Ubik says:

    It’s Don Knotts as the Reluctant President.