The Socialist Menace Comes to Arizonastan

The sun-baked Patriots of Arizonastan have their eagle eyes on the border, and from their lawnchairs and Medicare hoovercraft scooters they have spotted the Red Menace: trash hauling.

It seems that in the land of the free and the home of the skin cancer, Arizonastanians used to contract individually from a list of approved garbage haulers, and in an effort to save some municipal money, Fountain Hills decided to contract with just one hauler, probably Uncle Joe Stalin.

So, as could be predicted, the Teabaggers are revolting! (hahaha)

They really are calling this socialism, they are calling for a townhall-style meeting with the city council:

The move towards socialism was a remark made by one gentleman at a town council meeting. The problem that residents have with this measure is that it creates a system of hefty fines for simple sorting mistakes, such as misplacing a plastic bag. $3,000 fines are possible for a repeated offense, which will be observed by garbage men with cameras. That is akin to citizen spying and is not a value Fountain Hills resident want to uphold.

There will probably be Trash Youth, turning in their parents, Heeeeennnnngh, Meghan?


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0 Responses to The Socialist Menace Comes to Arizonastan

  1. In Russia, you take trash out. In America, trash take you!


  2. Bruce388 says:

    Forget about Meghan. Brigit might be looking for some payback for all those “family” photos with her sitting on the floor.


  3. Dimitrios says:

    Any takers that the Arizonastani gentleman crying socialism is on Medicare and voted against health reform so the socialist wouldn’t use all the spare health care money on their expenses.