The Death Mask of Dana Perino

That is about the scariest Botox job I’ve ever seen. What the hell is wrong with having a few creases and wrinkles (Perino is too young to know about them anyway), but this is just gruesome.

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0 Responses to The Death Mask of Dana Perino

  1. darkblack says:

    Is it a prerequisite of being a FOX news hire that one transforms themselves into a low-rent Jocelyn Wildenstein for the viewing enjoyment of conservative spank-banksters nationwide?





  2. moeman says:

    Too soon to suggest Dana could’ve used a burka instead of the face stretch?

    Also and/or,


  3. tommyspoon says:

    OMG. She used to be kinda hot. And now… not so much. Perhaps the inner life is finally surfacing.


  4. Matty Boy says:

    If she wants any consolation, she looks better than Greta Van Susteren.


  5. Mr DeBakey says:

    Pita Bread

    Sharia Law allows for stoning, spousal abuse and pita bread.

    Next week on Your Constitution and You we’ll discuss Bare Arms


  6. That is some serious ass right there.


  7. nonnie9999 says:

    i bet she has mattel stamped on her ass.


  8. Fran says:

    I am reminded of the movie “The Graduate” and its admonition about the future being in plastics… That is so gross. I am going to be 53 on Friday and trust me, I am aware of how much my face has aged in the past few years. Oh well, so be it. Damn! Wrinkles or no wrinkles, at least my facial muscles move!


  9. Wow, will technology never cease! Instantaneous airbrushing, the future of televised news and porn!


  10. tommyspoon says:

    Fran, congrats on your upcoming b-day! And rest assured that there are plenty of males out there who prefer the real thing over the plastic every day of the week and twice on Sunday!


  11. Dimitrios says:

    Botox is a great invention for people who are only skin deep.

    The rest of us prefer looking at faces that can smile back


  12. Sorghum Crow says:

    That reminds me V returns to the airwaves this month….


    Remember the moving mouths in the old Clutch Cargo cartoons? Real mouths superimposed on cartoon faces, they were definitely more animated than Dana.

    Can a human survive without pores?


  13. Bruce388 says:

    Clutch Cargo. Gawd. Sally Starr, the hostess of a kids’ show in Philly, told us young’uns about the real human lips.

    Clutch Cargo still sucked.