The punditocracy, the villagers, just about everyone is trying to make this midterm a referendum on President Carebear.

“He overreached,” or “He betrayed us,” or “He doesn’t feel our pain.”

REMINDER: Obama is not up for re-election, it’s both houses of Congress.

Did Nobama overreach? The President does not write laws, his role is to execute them.

Did he betray us? The President does not write laws, his role is to execute them.

Does he feel our pain? Who cares. That’s not his job to be lip-biter-in-chief.

There’s plenty of reasons to vote the rascals in Congress out. But, from a strictly left perspective I also suggest that what ever significant progress we’ve made these past 18 months or so has been thanks to Nancy Pelosi’s leadership, not President Carebear’s leadership (which strictly speaking has been lacking from day 1). Pelosi has been very effective at getting votes to pass significant bills and move them into the Senate where they become watered down or killed.

You want someone to blame, start with the Senate.

Here’s the deal, as I see it: any vote for the GOP (literally any) is a vote against yourself and a vote against democracy. If you think that the Huns and the Visigoths were dreamy, then you will love the 2010 GOP. They will sell you out to the highest bidder in a heartbeat; they are wholly-owned by the corporations; in a word, the GOP are fascists. The GOP will take this country on a lemming-style Bataan Death March, and Tex gives us the things to expect from them.

You want to exact revenge on President Carebear, wait until 2012. Today, your job is to vote for you own, best interests.

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  1. SkinnyDennis says:

    I’ve been telling all my republican friends to be sure to go to the polls on November 3rd.

    Wait…that’s not right. I don’t have any republican friends!


  2. Which is why everyone should vote Yog-Sothoth.


  3. darkblack says:

    ‘I’ve been telling all my republican friends to be sure to go to the polls on November 3rd.’

    At the polling place, in order to make sure that their vote is tabulated correctly without any Kenyan trickery tell them to go to Helen Waite, impartial elections official.

    Remember, Republican friends…Go to Helen Waite. She’s there to help.



  4. Sue J says:

    Last night’s “Ladies of SNL” special ran that great skit with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler talking about Hillary Clinton: “Yeah she’s a bitch. And you know what? Bitches get stuff done! That’s why Catholic schools have nuns for teachers and not priests. You hated them, But you knew the capital of vermont!”

    I’d put Pelosi in that category — people don’t like her much, but as you say, she gets stuff done.


  5. Well, now we wait and see. The good news is that Meg Whitman spent way too much money for a big bag full of nothing. Carly Fiorina at least was smart enough to spend other peoples’ money. There’s that.


  6. Um, it’s Speaker Boehner you guys. Now I don’t have a tv, but for those who do, I understand he had a breakdown on the tv, drunk and crying. Enjoy. You know who’s sorta happy? Oblahblah. Why? Because now he can blame the next two years of doing nothing while the country burns on the republican house and he and his team thinks that will help him get re-elected in 2012. Hey it could work. A shame about the 10% (really 20%) unemployed. Now they are fucked. I wonder if anyone in that fucking White House has told the PResident that maybe, just maybe he would have had an even bigger majority if he actually governed the way he campaigned. Not fucking likely. That said, who leaves first after this debacle? Because even if he is happy, someone has to be sacrificed. I’m guessing Gibbs.


  7. SkinnyDennis says:

    Fiorina didn’t get off for free, she spent 3mil of her own.
    Pretty savvy fiscal conservative campaigning by Whitless and Fire-Em-All, eh?
    AP has called it for Brown and Boxer.
    I wonder what the concession speeches will be like.


  8. tommyspoon says:

    Which is why everyone should vote Yog-Sothoth.

    Obama/Cthulu 2012

    Hope and Fear this Year