“Where’s the strawberry jam?!…”

…demands the Captain Queeg of Wasilla:

Mooselini is now in full conspiracy rant as her hand-selected heir apparent, The Moose-Savant is now in third place in the polls. I mean, really, how can Caribou Barbie be the King Maker if she cannot get Joe Miller elected in Alaskastan, and he is losing to a write-in candidate, Lisa Murkowski, daughter of her nemesis?

UPDATE: jaf tells me that it was frozen strawberries, not jam. We stand corrected.

(Full story at TPM)

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0 Responses to “Where’s the strawberry jam?!…”

  1. When you say “hand selected,” do you mean she stuck her finger up her ass and whiffed it before making her selection?


  2. Pharmakeus Ubik says:

    Isn’t that the usual method for DC hopefuls? Got to verify that those musk glands are fully functional.


  3. jaf says:

    Your memory is faulty, it was frozen strawberries, not jam>


  4. darkblack says:

    She’s using geometric logic. Drat! A vast liberal conspiracy proved beyond a shadow of a doubt.



  5. Dimitios says:

    The “Corrupt Bastards Club” happens to be OUR news network, not an American one at all.

    I think Caribou Barbie’s sense of direction is gone.

    Next she’ll be seeing Moose Jaw from her house.


  6. Demeur says:

    Jeez you mean somebody asked Joe miller a tougher question than how many newspapers he read?


    • Tengrain says:

      Demeur –

      Last week, Maddow was in Alaska and interviewed him. He’s as dumb as a brick. And then his testimony came out from when he was, um, resigned from being an attorney for the burrough — and he tells about how he lied, twice, to his employers and under oath.

      He’s an idiot – or A Moose Savant if you prefer…




  7. I wonder how nO’Donnell feels about “hand selection.”

    Perhaps that’s why Sarah has to wear glasses…


  8. rehctaw says:

    She tries so hard to triangulate, but geometry eludes her. So many of life’s mysteries re-enforce her strong political,er,religional delusional beliefs. So cold, so calculating, so adamant to bend her wrong answers into proof.


  9. rehctaw says:

    OCTOBER 25, 2010

    “I am pleased to join others this morning in announcing my support of Lisa Murkowski for the United State Senate. This announcement, I am sure, will surprise some, as I am a Democrat. I have disagreed with positions Lisa has taken in the past. Suspect I will disagree with some of her positions in the future; I am sure I will. In 2004, I did not support Senator Murkowski for U.S. Senate, but today I am, and I will tell you why.

    She deeply cares about Alaska. She had the best mentor anyone could ever ask for in the late senator Ted Stevens. Of the candidates, she is clearly the most qualified. And with her seniority, she is in the best position to represent Alaska in the United States Senate. And most importantly, she is in the best position to beat Joe Miller.

    Like many Alaskans, the more I hear about Joe Miller, the more concerned I get. Look, we all have a little Tea Party in us, or we wouldn’t be living in Alaska (especially Fairbanks). But to me, Joe Miller is like a bad dream, a slick opportunist from Kansas, who has no clue about issues important to our state. My best description of Joe Miller is that he is a ‘flim-flam’ man,

    I am speaking out now, as I believe there are thousands of other Alaskans, as we go into the last days of this important campaign for the future of our state, who are struggling with whom to vote for on November 2nd. I am asking them to join me in writing in Lisa Murkowski and filling in the oval! Let us together, not only make history, let us together do what is best for Alaska,”

    Go Cuz Go!


  10. rehctaw says:

    He’s dumb as a brick in the same ways Alberto “I Don’t Recall Senator” was dumb. The dangerous dumbness of

    I’m hopeful that Tuesday will be the first of many “refudiations” of Mooselini that will drive her back beneath the rock from whence she was unleashed upon us.