The Macaca Awards: Propaganda Thinly Veiled as Journalism

We honor all that is appalling in American Politics with the First Semi-Regular Macaca Awards.

Statuette of George Allen as a lawn Jockey to announce the Macaca Awards
For more on the Macaca Awards, see our announcement.

Tonight’s Category for the much-coveted Macaca Award is one that is near and dear to every Scissorhead’s heart: Outstanding Achievement in Promoting Propaganda Thinly Veiled as Journalism. We here at Mock, Paper, Scissors take a strong interest in how the Villagers speak lie to us.

We have a fine assortment of contenders yet again:

  • Michelle Malkkkin – a writer and pundit so crooked, she needs a cork screw to put on her shoes.
  • Glenn Beck – in the greater scheme of things, he is a Snake-Oil Salesman’s Dim-Witted Assistant.
  • Megyn Kelly – WC Fields once said that he always carries some booze in case of snake bite, and then added he always carries a small snake. Kelly would fit the role perfectly.
  • Bill O – Do we even have to say falafel? Journalism needs Bill the way that a fish needs a second bicycle.
  • Peggy Noonan – We’re not saying that it takes a Thousand Points of Light to figure out that when it was Morning in America, Noonan was hung-over.
  • Sean Hannity – Hannity, after he ditched his vestigial side kick, Coombs has broken new ground in cheerleading everything retrograde, including Waterboarding. Certain masturbation experts claim Hannity is in her back pocket (ew, gross), and this is immanently true.
  • Rupert Murdoch – Without a doubt, the big Kahuna of dishonest journalism, advocacy journalism, or at any rate, the race to the bottom journalism.

Fellow members of the Academy, get thee hence to the polls to vote on Outstanding Achievement in Promoting Propaganda Thinly Veiled as Journalism.

And remember, there will be new categories each night through the election!

As always, my unindicted coconspirator, the inestimable Nonnie from Hysterical Raisins has the full-sized poster at her place. Please be sure to go there and pay your respects.

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0 Responses to The Macaca Awards: Propaganda Thinly Veiled as Journalism

  1. moeman says:

    The screeching MalKKKin and her flying monKKKey army win.


  2. Actually, I had to give to up-and-comer Megyn Kelly for a fascinating ability to make mountains out of molehills. Whether its decrying the African-American guys in an African American neighborhood standing outside of a polling place in a way that….threatened nobody on the premises, or failing so utterly to understand a metaphor for “back-seat driving” that she construes John Boehner as the new Rosa Parks, she panders the perverse until it’s plausible to the pablum-purveying peons, and seems as innocuous as Vanna White, strident as a soft-core Laura Ingraham, and does it with the smoothness of the blended whiskey I habitually imbibe knowing FOX somehow has a farm team of these in reserve somewhere. Fembots!


  3. Capt. Bat Guano says:

    No really TG, I’m serious about writing in David Gregory.


  4. Dimitios says:

    Rupert Murdoch because he is the enabler of all too many of these other unbearable frights.

    And, when some brainless, classless, clueless huckster finally bombs out and is about to be dragged into obscurity by a benevolent destiny, who pulls them back from the ashes, dusts them off, props them up, and sends them back at their old gorge-raising custom — Rupert Murdoch.


  5. I agree with Dimitios. Murdoch is the guy who pays these clowns. He and Glenn Beck also belong in the “Criminally Insane” category. Glenn scores three nominations with most votes for the “Terminally Psychotic” Award.