Mooselini, Constitutional Scholar

As far as I can tell, Juan Williams exercised his right to free speech, no one stopped him from making an ass of himself, so it is another victory for the First Amendment. Does Mooselini believe that the Constitution requires NPR to keep Juan Williams? What is she trying to say?

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7 Responses to Mooselini, Constitutional Scholar

  1. We know she spends all morning working on Facebook posts. I wonder how long it took her to compose this.


  2. grs says:

    I have to believe she is just a professional internet troll. She knows this dumb shit will make people hit their head on their keyboard. There is no way anyone can be that fucking stupid. She knows this tweet will put money in her pocket a la teabag-televangelism. It’s not meant to accomplish anything other than that. Right?


  3. snuffella says:

    She was drunk tweeting again. Anytime she can hop on someone’s outrage at LSM bandwagon, she’s there…see Laura Ingrahm.


  4. Bruce388 says:

    Sarah HAS to have a Tweeter on staff. No way she put together all those correctly spelled words.


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  6. Paul W. Luscher says:

    “…when the Constitution starts shaking her fist…”

    What the hell is that? That is the most bizarre metaphor I have ever seen. A document shakes its fist?

    Oh…must be from doing all that “speaking in tongues” in that weird church she belongs to. That explains the disjointed nature of her babble–and her Tweets.


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