Brisket’s on DWTS competition… Dad?

Is there anyone she hasn’t hoisted a thigh over?

In the on-going war of the Palins’ to demean all of their kids to keep ’em in their place as human shields, Mooselini reveals that Dancing with the Stars wanted Todd long before they wanted Brisket.

(Zapit via Wonkette)

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0 Responses to Brisket’s on DWTS competition… Dad?

  1. Dimitios says:

    I don’t know about “Dancing With the Stars,” but that step Brisket is trying — known as “The Pull-Over” — has been declared illegal by the World Dance Council.


  2. abo gato says:

    Don’t watch the show, only see the clips the day afterward, but I wonder how much they are paying that guy that dances around her? Mostly she just stands there and every once in awhile shakes something, but he’s always putting his face in hers and kissing (blech, spit) her puffy face. I hope he’s getting a huge bonus for that. Otherwise, he’s really getting fucked.


  3. raceynora says:

    Saw the clip of her performance [?]last night – it was painful to watch. Dressed in a monkey suit, forgetting her dance steps, wooden – meh.


  4. Paul W. Luscher says:

    In an infotainment culture, Brisket’s political future is assured…