The GOP is a mental illness

Art Robinson

Meet Art Robinson. He’s running for Congress in Oregon.

Art is insane. Can you say insane? I thought you could.

(The first link is to Dogcicle’s excellent video-intensive blog, BlogDog, where you can see Art’s interview with Rachell Maddow, and where you can see he is nuts. The second link is to Drifty, who always has great things to say about the nutjobs in the GOP.)

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0 Responses to The GOP is a mental illness

  1. Ah, yes, high time to add photoshop heads into this insane asylum body. When’s his PBS special on whore-mesis start?


  2. What’s wrong with Abe Simpson in Congress? Hilarity ensues!


  3. dogcicle says:

    thanks tengrain for linking to my blog…many have come to see the dumbest republican in america….even rand and sharron know to stay away from maddow!!! i cant wait until tonites show…..thanks again


  4. tina says:

    Is there any proof that AIDS isn’t a gov’t lie? I couldn’t believe this guy on Rachel Maddow’s show. He’s a scientist of some sort – the kind that go by the description, nutjobs! Yeah, so he said that his understanding of AIDS in 1995 was maybe “naive, not based on science.” Perhaps, he’s done more study or “science,” if you will.

    Can I just let off a rant of swears???? Please tell me, if it’s okay.


  5. He took great offense to having things he said quoted back at him, as if this was the first time he heard them outside of the voices in his head. He also never got down to saying what it was he actually did think right now, as if he realized he thought really kooky things. Seems like pretty typical signs of “crankdom” to me. As to the weird excuse that his conspiracy theories about AIDS were 15 years ago, they were also something like 12 years after the discovery of the HIV virus, which makes him a bit behind the curve of mainstream science. As to what his thoughts are on climate science–*shudder*. I don’t know what denialist bubble he was keeping himself in, he just needs to get sucked back up inside it. Sadly, I’m crossing my fingers that he doesn’t appeal to contrarian “gotta be different” people who love that conspiracy crap. Too many people think support of different theories has more to do with belief and personal (political) opinions than evidence and that “mainstream” is not “them”….

    Egads I hate that.


  6. Ten: There’s a swear jar? Fuck, I owe you a fucking buttload of cash.


  7. Dimitios says:

    Is it just the photoshopping, or does Art Robinson really look like Hugh Heffner after a fortnight of enforced celibacy?


  8. Bruce388 says:

    I’m guessing YEARS of enforced celibacy.


  9. Reamus says:

    I am at present in Oregon in Mr. Robinson’s neighborhood. His main campaign tool seems to be signs,in yards and magnetic ones, on very old cars. The populace here are for the most part enjoying the fruits of the Maddow interview.

    He is insane, there is little doubt.

    Fazio doesent beat this jackass he should be committed. Or they both should.