Pop Quiz!

Infamous Gasbag whoremonger, Dick Morris, tells us today that he has started a new politcal action committee (PAC), in which he plans to raise funds to do something with them, basically to benefit Republicans. The thing is, most people when they create a PAC give it a name that sort of hints at how the money will be used. Even Mooselini says it is Sarah PAC, because it is going to be used for herself.

No, Dick Morris is not a trend follower (even though he is at least a generation behind on this PAC scam), and so his PAC gets the Huh? name of Super PAC.

OK, Scissorheads, for 3 pts towards your final grade, what are the Super Powers of Dick Morris? I’m taking Toe Sucking as a granted, what are the rest… in the comments.

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0 Responses to Pop Quiz!

  1. rehctaw says:

    His shit doesn’t stink. (but don’t stand downwind.)
    He is able to sustain an almost human appearance before retreat back beneath his rock.

    If not for Faux Noise, he’d be panhandling. Oh wait, that’s what SuperPAC is ain’t it?


  2. SkinnyDennis says:

    I got dick. And neither does Morris.


  3. dogcicle says:

    morris posesses the super power of seamless, shameless promotion..i see him on fox at least 5 times a day and each time he answers a softball question, he will, without fail, give you his website address and what is coming up in future posts… every time… fox anchors are powerless against this superpac hero


  4. Mr DeBakey says:

    Well, he certainly has nice cans, so I vote for
    Lactating beyond your wildest dreams.
    And of course, higher than a speeding bullet.

    I wish he would’ve gone with DicMorPac


  5. vilstef says:

    His power? Bullet-proof stupidity, like like most other Rebublican.


  6. I’m guessing superior flexibility so that he can fellate himself despite having a teeny, tiny penis.


  7. Albatrossity says:

    Wait, I’m confused.

    Was DickPac already taken by some other dick?


  8. when you are a eunuch you are not allowed to be a dickpack


  9. carol says:

    “Revenge against Bill Clinton Pac”. That should bring in the bucks and enable him to be a pissy jerk.