Just like wife-swapping?

The rumors (Eleanor Clift, Sally Quinn and Doug Wilder are swirling) that Hillary and Joe Biden are going to switch jobs in 2012 are totally true, except that Joe Biden, Hillary, and President Carebear are all denying them.

(Politics Daily)

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0 Responses to Just like wife-swapping?

  1. I want Hillary to get it, so when she goes up against Mooselini, we can have fourteen billion words vomited forth my dimwitted talking hairpiece media types about how, in addition to being a post-racial society, we’re also post-gender, and then everyone’s head will explode quickly drowned out by a spontaneous coast-to-coast nelsonmuntzing.


  2. Dimitios says:

    Does this fall under the heading of rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic, or switching seat cushions in the cabins of the Hindenburg?


  3. If they are denying it, then it is true. Christ. I better hit the lottery, because I may have a hard time expatriating without a big bag of money. If they switch, it’s official: the U.S. will have jumped the shark.