A symbol for our times

Even the podium has an enthusiasm gap, and chucks off the Preznintial seal.

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0 Responses to A symbol for our times

  1. C Montgomery Burns says:


    Awkward laughter.

    Ignore the symbolism.

    Please vote.

    Awkward applause.

    And somewhere in Chicago Rahm is taking another squirt of antibacterial soap to wash his cloven hooves.


  2. Tom Belt says:

    If he really had anything to say it might have been non-news.
    The carebear has a golden opportunity to use the bloody pulpit to the dims advantage (Not to mention the fate of the country) by simply stating the truth over and over again. Will he do it? Highly doubtful.


  3. Wake me when it’s 2011. I think I may be able to give a shit about politics about that time. Maybe.


  4. If you’re killing all these sacred cows, where are the burgers? I’m hungry, dammit!