The drowning pimp swims to the sinking ship

Andrew Breitbart demands that his protege, James O’Keefe, apologize to CNN and Abbie Boudreau for his plan to broadcast his seduction of her on his love dinghy.

Man, when Breitbart thinks you’ve stepped over the ethical line, you’ve really hit rock bottom.

Welcome to the garbage heap, James. You’ve earned your place as King of the Pile of broken tools. Lots’a luck with that career thingy.

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0 Responses to The drowning pimp swims to the sinking ship

  1. Dimitios says:

    Had James not been hailed as the fair-haired young snot of the GOP by Faux Noose this kid would have been too busy fighting to stay out of the slammer under zero tolerance rules to get into any more trouble. Surely now, at long last, three strikes and you’re out regulations will ensure that this implausible asshole remains persona non gratis forever.


  2. Albatrossity says:

    For the record, he didn’t ask for an apology. He asked for a public and candid explanation. Breitbart can’t bring himself to actually do something moral or ethical, you know.


  3. nonnie9999 says:

    little jamesy dildo’keefe might disappear for a short while. then he’ll start popping up on tv and radio, declaring himself to be a victim of the media or jerry brown (nutmeg whitman thinks he’s to blame for everything) or the liberal blogosphere. it might take a few years, but he’ll eventually run for senate as a tea party candidate.


    • Tengrain says:

      Welcome Nonnie – It’s good to have you with us. We’re big fans of your work!

      I think the scenario you mention would be the ultimate argument I can make in my fight to abolish the senate.




  4. Capt. Bat Guano says:

    Maybe KKKarl needs a new pool boy.


  5. I just want to see someone sue the living shit out of him and Breitbart and make them so toxic even the assholes at Fox pee on them at will. And then a former Acorn worker meets that asshole in a dark alley….


  6. nonnie9999 says:

    thanks tengrain! the mockers, paperers, and scissorers are welcome over at the raisin anytime. i don’t have a blogroll there, but i added you to mine over at the big orange.


  7. raceynora says:

    Pissed – get outta my head babe! What you said.


  8. Lsamsa says:

    I just can’t get past the fact that anyone, since his high school days, has taken this creep seriously.