Inflated Resumés, cont.

Whoopsie! It seems No’Donnell did not attend Claremont Graduate University, either. That said she did receive a fellowship from a conservative think tank named the Claremont Institute, also in Claremont, CA. This was for her ground-breaking work in the war on masturbation.

Maybe for my next resumé update, I can list all the prestigious schools I never attended, too, to fight the scourge of Onanism! Thanks for the tip, Christine!


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0 Responses to Inflated Resumés, cont.

  1. Grung_e_Gene says:

    Hold your mouth for the war
    Use it for what isn’t for
    Speak the truth about me


  2. Once I read a book by the Oxford University Press, does that count?


  3. Dimitios says:

    I was assistant director for an amateur production of Peer Gynt, and I attended the wedding of one of Edvard Grieg’s great grand nephews.

    Does that mean I’m Norwegian?


  4. grs says:

    I once urinated on a building at Ohio State. What does that get me?