Mooselini: Winning Hearts and Minds

I don’t watch the teevee machine, and so I have missed out on the bump and grind that America’s Favorite Abstinence Educator and Unwed Teenage Mother, Bristol Palin does every week to sell cornflakes and whatnot for her corporate sponsor. That said, we have important news from the ever vigilant Patriots who do watch Dancing with the Stars:

It seems that when Mooselini made her appearance on Jitterbugger Today, she was pretty solidly boo’ed by the crowd. Later, her flacks and spinners said that the booing was for Jennifer Grey’s score (which seems odd, because I’m told she won the Lambada-for-God Dance-A-Thong, so why were they booing). Anyway, Mooselini does her usual word salad thing and cannot say that she’s rooting for her own spawn. And as always, she brought along her own Liz Cheney in training, Pipette, to be her human shield.

As we always note here at MPS, Pipette is the one to watch out for – she’s going to be the one to follow in her mother’s Naughty Monkeys, or to snap and wipe out a row of onlookers, Todd-like.

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0 Responses to Mooselini: Winning Hearts and Minds

  1. libhomo says:

    I would have booed Osama bin Palin.


  2. Dimitios says:

    I believe Piper is just being very observant.

    She is gathering all the material she can get for a tell-all book. Writing the book in secret, in code, in invisible ink, in her bedroom, in the middle of the night. And then plans to publish the book on her 12th birthday, and use the proceeds to divorce her parents.


  3. dguzman says:

    I got to hear a guy today tell me all about how Sarah Palin is a true christian whose family values and “belief that all things come from god, which they do!” and that’s why he wants her to be president, instead of that “goddamn muslim Obama” who “would shoot you soon as look at ya.” (I didn’t ask, “really? How many of us has he shot today, or is he in isolation?”) Yup, don’t you believe that Obama’s a christian, or a family man. That whole family is fake!


  4. dguzman: Here in NYC you have to deal with crowds, rude people, crowded subways, subway entrances that smell of urine, asshole landlords, etc. But I have never–ever ever–had someone go up to me and say anything positive about Sarah Palin et al. Ever. NYC has its charms.


  5. vilstef says:

    Hey, don’t pick on Piper! Smart little girl, smartest one in the Palin family for my money! She has expressed dislike for her Mother’s cmpaigning and doesn’t seem to be thrilled with being Mini-Me to Ms Mooselini’s Dr Evil. She rolled her eyes when Matt Lauer asked her some condescending questions. Yeah, she’s being used as a human shield and doesn’t seem all that thrilled by it. Being the best adjusted in a truly dysfunctional family is not fun times for a kid. Piper has my heartfelt empathy!