Inflated Resumés

America’s Virgin Teabagging Princess, the scourge of Onanists everywhere, and honorary Samantha Stevens, Christine O’Donnell is a learned woman. She has proudly posted her c.v. online (that’s how Brits spell resumé), and we use this peculiar bit of British terminology because No’Donnell is a proud alumnus of Oxford University, where she claims to have taken a class.

As Greg Sargent shows us, Chrissy claims the following as her education bonifides…

Christine O’Donnell’s Education

Fairleigh Dickinson University 1989 — 1993

Claremont Graduate University

Constitutional Government

University of Oxford

“Post Modernism in the New Millennium”

…except for one thing, the University of Oxford didn’t run the program, didn’t teach it, didn’t grade it, didn’t anything-it. They rented some space to mail-order for-profit diploma factory, Phoenix Institute. Maybe she though no one would notice?

So… did No’Donnell go to Oxford or not?

As Big Dawg once said, it depends upon what the definition of is, is.

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0 Responses to Inflated Resumés

  1. dguzman says:

    Somehow, I don’t think Faux Nooz is going to pick up on this. Which means no one else will hear about it.


  2. Phoenix Institute? A branch of the University of Phoenix? I hope she wins. I hope she goes to DC. Because I want those assholes in the senate (save Bernie Sanders and maybe a few others) to have to put up with this nutbag for the next six years. Talk about destroying the brand. That should do it.


  3. I heartily endorse this event or product.


  4. Dimitios says:

    No’Donnell intended to got to the University of Oxford, but was misinformed that she would have to spend her first could years fagging.