“How’s Blanche Lincoln workin’ out for ya?”

Hahaha! Well, as much as I like Chatty Cathy Joe Biden as a person (but thought he was a terrible Senator — hello Bankruptcy bill), I gotta admit that Adam Green of the Progressive Change Campaign has the best smack-down for Biden’s ham-fisted command that the Left should just stop whining:

Speaking before about 200 Democratic activists and donors at a private fundraiser for Rep. Paul Hodes at Stoneyfield Farm in Manchester, N.H., Monday afternoon, Biden urged Democrats to “stop whining.”

Democrats need to “remind our base constituency to stop whining and get out there and look at the alternatives,” he said. “This president has done an incredible job. He’s kept his promises.”

“Don’t compare me to the Almighty. Compare me to the alternative,” Biden quoted former Boston mayor Kevin White as having said.

To which Green responds:

The ‘professional left’ is busting our butt to mobilize progressive voters in 2010, picking up the ball that this White House dropped when they refused to fight for the overwhelmingly popular public option, refused to break up the big banks, and demobilized Obama voters who expected this president to at least fight for big change,” Progressive Change Campaign Committee cofounder Adam Green said in statement. “When Vice President Biden tells Joe Lieberman to ’stop whining’ about the public option, and tells Ben Nelson to ’stop whining’ about voting on a middle-class tax cut that benefits 98 percent of Americans, he’ll have some credibility on the whining front.”

“You’re welcome, Joe Biden, for helping to get the more electable Democrat who actually excites voters to be the Democratic nominee — instead of a lame corporate stooge. How’s Blanche Lincoln working out?” Green said.


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0 Responses to “How’s Blanche Lincoln workin’ out for ya?”

  1. Free hair plugs with each vote!


  2. C Montgomery Burns says:

    There’s nothing like alienating the ‘middle-class’ common folk who votes for ya.

    Oh wait, they already did that.

    So now your going to piss off the regular tried and true members of your party who have to bail you and the ‘chosen one’ out because the everyone else jumped ship.

    Too late.

    HOPE and CHANGE – Too fucking funny.


  3. Thanks Joe. And you too, Oblahblah. I was going to vote for Jerrold Nadler, who isn’t detestable, but now it’s all third party. Or, if our new voting system (which will probably be used to destroy our right to have our votes counted) allows for write in votes, I’m putting Harvey Milk down for every seat.