They’re Baaaaa-ack

Mooselini has resurrected the Death Panels on her Facebook page.

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0 Responses to They’re Baaaaa-ack

  1. Now how’r good docs gonna practice their love with women?


  2. Dimitios says:

    I am in favour of Death Panels for Facebook.

    Actually, I’d favour a hanging judge.


  3. abo gato says:

    I wonder who wrote it for her?


  4. HarpoSnarx says:

    She evidently stiffed the hairdresser one too many times.


  5. Beverly from Montreal says:

    It is sad and depressing to read through the comments left by her supporters. The common thread amongst them seems to be the lack of even the most basic level of logic. Despite all evidence that this woman is using them for her personal gain & celebrity, they continue to blindly worship at her feet. No matter what new revelation is unearthed about their Messiah, it is immediately dismissed as another lying liberal attack on her. I understand that there will always be a certain segment of the population that will be mired in ignorance but it still is a discouraging thing to witness.