Throw another sin on the bonfire

In another blow to the Holy See, Italian authorities have begun investigating the top two officials at the Vatican bank on suspicion of violating money-laundering rules and have frozen $30 million in the bank’s assets, news reports said Tuesday.

The Vatican, already battered by a scandal over priestly sexual abuse, expressed “puzzlement and amazement” at the allegations and said it was committed to financial transparency.

So… we can add money-laundering to the long laundry list of skills of that cult that former Hitler Youth, Benny-the-Rat possesses: cover-ups, sexual predators, mysogeny, homophobia, sexual repression. Say, isn’t that the GOP platform?

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0 Responses to Throw another sin on the bonfire

  1. darkblack says:

    Gosh, the last time there was some Vatican gettin’-funny-with-the-money business some cassocks sure got ruffled…Watch the coffee, Bennie.



  2. Bruce388 says:

    That $30 million would settle a few pedophile cases. I also remember a scandal in the 70s; some guy wound up hanging from a bridge.


  3. Scandal shmandal, I’m totally digging on Pope Rat’s Emperor Palpatine Halloween costume.


  4. Dimitrios says:

    It’s an understandable mistake.

    They told the Vatican to clean up their problem with paedophile priests, and so Bennie the Rat started laundering money.


  5. Paul W. Luscher says:

    Well, out of the Seven Deadly Sins, looks like they got Lust and Greed covered so far…


  6. Demeur says:

    Whatever blows the wind up your dress eh pontiff.


  7. Laundering money for whom? I’m guessing illegal weapon sales or drug money. Pretty.