And I was betting it was Liz Cheney

Bosnian police believe they have located a girl filmed hurling puppies into a river

Honestly, what kind of a monster would throw puppies into a river?

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0 Responses to And I was betting it was Liz Cheney

  1. A sociopath. I hope they keep her under observation forever so that she can never enter into her likely profession: politics.


  2. Or CEO of Ebay or HP, of course.


  3. HarpoSnarx says:

    And there are starving war criminals in Great Falls, Virginia.


  4. libhomo says:

    Are they sure it wasn’t Ann Coulter as a child? Sharon Angle? Linda McMahon?

    I’ll be here all week. The veal sucks. Try the waiter.


  5. libhomo says:

    Pissed: I bet the evil former CEO of EBay will probably hire the girl as a future campaign manager.


  6. grs says:

    I’m not about to watch some snuff film. I mean, I watch a lot of messed up stuff on the intertubes, but to knowingly walk into something like that is completely different. I won’t watch that clip for the same reasons I wouldn’t watch any of those beheading clips. That said, 4chan is the armpit of the internet, but they’re freaking amazing at tracking other weirdo’s down.

    Anyway, some old lady is claiming to have rescued those puppies. I don’t know. From the still of the video compared to the photos of the old lady… I have my doubts.