So did Chimpy wipe his hands afterwards…

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…you know, like he did last time he was in Haiti.

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0 Responses to So did Chimpy wipe his hands afterwards…

  1. Wilfredo says:

    Man, those latex gloves are REALLY shear!


  2. abo gato says:

    um…’s chimpy mcstagger dickwad, so the answer is yes!


  3. moeman says:

    Burn the shirt kid.


  4. Capt. Bat Guano says:

    George says, “ain’t you just the cutest little pic’a’ninny!”


  5. Tom Belt says:

    I will never forgive this country for not indicting chimpy and blam-blam for their war crimes.
    I do believe that the fact the American government did not indict these war criminals is a pre-cursor as to what is to come.
    This administration, that campaigned on reform, has done nothing to further the investigation into the past regime and in fact has hindred any investigation into their crimes. This sets a precedent for all future administrations and it is an extremely dangerous precedent to set.
    This administration has just told future administrations that it is completely acceptable to trash the constitution and attack anyone in the world without provication…as the previous administration had done.
    The problem is that this administration had a golden opportunity to set things right. To set things right from the supposed lesson of Eisenhower concerning the military industrial complex to the upholding of the standards and the constitution and the treaties that the U.S. has signed and originated–such as the law against torture–and has subsequentely chosen not to honor the commitments of the United States.
    It has become clear to me that neither the democrats or republicans hold the interests of the country and the people of this country at heart. Instead, they are holding the interests of their corporate sponsors and the financial benefits they receive as supreme at their altar.

    What is it going to take to get the control of this country back into the hands of the people? These ass-holes that are “elected” by the people have absolutely no interest in our country but interest in their own enrichment.
    I blame most of this on the voters. Most voters have absolutely no clue as to what the hell is going on in this country. Do we deserve what we get?

    Just consider me extremely pissed at our government and the people that elect this “government.”


  6. Tom Belt says:

    Besides, Fuck George W Bush.
    Drive a stake into the metalic heart of The Dick Cheney


  7. s. douglas says:

    git me uh jockey cap, and uh latern. uh’s got a job for this boy.


  8. Bruce388 says:

    “See, kid, Ah’m grabbin’ you jest like Jeff Gannon/Guckert grabs me… Now drop them pants.”


  9. Ever since Kinda Sleazy left the scene, this is his new black friend.


  10. The look on that poor kid’s face…