Oompa-Loompa, Boehner-y Doo!

Weepy was on Meet the Press:

GREGORY: Do you support efforts to have the 14th amendment amended at this point?…

BOEHNER: Listen, I think it’s worth considering. It’s a serious problem that affects our country, and in certain parts of our country, clearly our schools, our hospitals are being overrun by illegal immigrants…

…because the Orange-one is sympathetic to the White-ones who are afraid of the Brown-ones, even though the White-ones will probably never set foot in a school or a public hospital.

Seems like a good enough reason to change the Constitution to me.

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0 Responses to Oompa-Loompa, Boehner-y Doo!

  1. Texas Betsy says:

    If the new immigrants at my school (who frequently arrive with less than adequate schooling in any language) weren’t forced to take the state tests in their third year year of US schooling (before they’re reading well in English and before we’ve gotten them caught up on the education they didn’t get in their native countries), who exactly would be making MY kid and HIS scores look so good?


  2. Fran says:

    Frankly, if you are orange, you are an “anchor” politician who was “dropped” by someone wanting something from this country. Get out of here you oompa-loompa freak Boner!


  3. Cheyanne says:

    Kinda re-minds me of Pink Floyd’s THE WALL when Pink, the Neo Nazi, points to someone in the audience and shouts…”That one has spots”…it’s the same thinking, by the same people, with same attitude as the Boner-roos.


  4. and i assume Bachmann is violet


  5. And since illegal ‘aliens’ from South o’the border are about as willing to swarm the ER waiting rooms where they fear being spotted by cops as ‘illegal’ as they are to open their bocas and start speaking perfect Queen’s English and quote P.G. Wodehouse…I think Orange-Julius Boehner needs to sit down and shut the FUCK up. When was he last in a waiting room at a local E.R. where ‘normal’ people go…?!??!? No, I do NOT mean the fancy day spa where he gets his ‘medical’ skin treatments that our tax monies pay for.


  6. tony says:

    Why is he not shopped in with a green wig ?
    I got my hopes up when I saw that ,but nobody wanted to put beener in there ?


    Kudos to #4, Violet Bachmann would be an excellent addition to this as well – Sarah get’s to be Veruca Salt?

    On a slightly less snarky note, studies of how often he plays golf in the hot sun on taxpayer dollars would indicate the tan is real after all.


    • Tengrain says:

      Welcome to MPS, Tony, it is good to have you with us.

      I thought about photoshopping it in, but was feeling low energy. Personally I think Luke Russert would be excellent as Mike Teevee. They have nearly similar biographies, too.





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