A Child’s Anthology of Fart Jokes

Looks like Mooselini’s bio book for kiddies, Speaking Up, is mysteriously shelved for a while,exactly one week after announcing it, the publisher has erased all traces of it from the website. The review copy that Ruth Graham at Slate got ahold of sounds hysterical:

… At one point, within the space of three paragraphs, Palin is compared favorably to Taylor Swift, the apostle Paul, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, and Eunice Kennedy Shriver—in that order. (It’s a rare passage that can make evangelicals, music fans, sports nuts, and policy wonks all cry “blasphemy.”) The book brags about such minutiae as Palin’s number of Twitter followers, and it’s larded with sentences like, “Ever impressed with her partner—his ideas, his bravery, his service to the country—Sarah smiled at John McCain and fondly embraced him with sincere appreciation.”

Ah, well. Going Rogue for a new generation. Here’s the conclusion of the article:

In the end, perhaps the book’s postponement can be seen as a fitting reflection of Palin, who stepped down as governor of Alaska almost exactly a year ago today: Speaking Up has a glossy cover and bewildering content, its plans changed suddenly without explanation, and no one should be surprised if it resurfaces sometime before 2012.

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0 Responses to A Child’s Anthology of Fart Jokes

  1. C Montgomery Burns says:

    I thought she was already immortalized in paper form as Haff’a’Lump in Winnie the Pooh.

    Anything else would be fodder.


  2. zencomix says:

    They forgot to mention that time when she and the Harlem Globetrotters helped a group of young kids and a really big dog solve the mystery of the old haunted amusement park.


  3. Maybe she got strep throat.