Ah, the First Amendment

Mindfully.org – lots more pix there, almost all more disturbing than this.

It seems the anti-mosque protesters in California have torn a few pages from the Abu Ghraib field manual. Protesters of a planned mosque and Muslim community center in Riverside County, California are calling on locals to come to a rally outside an existing mosque with their pet dogs because, as the protest organizer says, Muslims “hate dogs.”

Stupid bitch. I think that stereotype has been debunked many times. That said, I think the Muslims in Abu Ghraib are not fond of being tortured with guard dogs, but I suspect that they hated the guards.

Regardless of that, given how Xristian Xrazies are always shrieking about that they are the most discriminated against people in the world, wouldn’t you think that they would be more receptive to letting Muslims practice their faith in peace?


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0 Responses to Ah, the First Amendment

  1. Government by random dice roll. One day, the Muslims would be put in charge for a period, and Sweet Lordy Jesus The Christ, I pray there’s be a bit o’ Monty Burns, but then again, I’m sadistic. “Unleash the hounds!”


  2. wagonjak says:

    Would be interesting to have one of these protesters volunteer to participate in an experiment….they would have their hands tied behind them, kneeling on a cold concrete floor in a corner, with an angry pit bull held on a chain just inches from their faces, ready to take a chunk out if released. They would know THE DOG WOULD NOT BE RELEASED, whereas the man in the image above did not…big difference.

    Would they fear “dogs” in this “experiment” too?…Inquiring minds want to know…


  3. dk says:


    Dogs hate firecrackers.


  4. Paul W. Luscher says:

    Well, at least the protesters and their dogs will be working at the same intelligence level…wait a minute…I think that’s an insult to the dogs…