Tengrain presents…

UPDATE: Hello Crooks and Liars! It is good to have you with us!

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  1. libhomo says:

    Obama is so busy lying about Afghanistan he doesn’t have time for much else.


  2. s. douglas says:

    don’t be a negative nellie. president hope-a-lot is the besterest of the bestest in the whole wide yummedly world of goodliestness.

    it ain’t a lynching if it’s one of your own.


    fux newd (bare of talents) isn’t conservative, it’s a business.

    they’re worse. they do it only for money. nothing else. they know they’re lying, and they don’t care because it brings in the $$$.

    i told people about obama, they didn’t listen.

    i told people what to do to bring about Real Change, they didn’t listen.

    we’ll just keep waiting for some “Progressive” to save the day.

    probably are yet to be born, so we may have to wait a bit.

    but once they get here, man, oh, man, watch out cuz here comes some shangri-la.

    only an asshole looks to a politican for answers.

    i’d as soon ask someone in line at a methadone clinic.

    at least they’ve actually been in “The Shit.”

    eh, i’ll probably change my mind tomorrow, and encourage people to support nancy pelosi or some other rich white person.

    i can never tell. white people all look the same to me.


  3. Fran says:

    You are truly brilliant – this is one of your best and they are all so goddam good!!!


  4. MrE says:

    Thanks Ten…so true.


  5. chuckchuck says:

    All hail the mighty ten!


  6. moeman says:

    I ♥ TG!


  7. Picture perfect, Tengrain.

    And you are right, libhomo.


  8. Oh, and I so blogged this. Kudos.


  9. Reamus says:

    Great stuff TG, best of my day!


  10. I see someone has forgotten about the 72-dimensional chess still in play.


  11. Batocchio says:

    Great job! Howie Kurtz also wrote a fluff piece on Malkin. (One typo I saw – “Souther” for “Southern”…)