How to get a job, the Luke Russert Way

From the NYTimes:

Luke Russert, son of Tim Russert, the “Meet the Press” host who died in 2008, was an intern at City Hall during summer 2007. In an interview, Mr. Russert said that he juggled two internships that summer — one at the mayor’s office, the other at NBC, working for Conan O’Brien.

Mr. Russert, then a senior at Boston College, worked for Deputy Mayor Kevin Sheekey, who befriended his father after both worked for Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan. Mr. Russert researched gun-control positions of Republican lawmakers who wanted to meet with Mr. Bloomberg. “It was really worthwhile,” he said. “It was not just opening letters and getting coffee.”

Asked what role his connections played in landing the job, he said: “I don’t really know about that. I went through the application process like anyone else.”

And thus Luke Russert displays his awesome skillz of journalism that landed him where he is today.

As Driftglass sometimes says, “There is a club. You are not in it.”

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6 Responses to How to get a job, the Luke Russert Way

  1. Badtux says:

    The sad thing is that these dim sons really *do* think they’ve obtained everything they have via merit, despite all evidence to the contrary. What, doesn’t *everybody* have a famous daddy who works for a major news operation?!


  2. darkblack says:

    The father spent most of his time slavishly carrying water in a faux populist fashion for his benefactors – His offspring going against that well-established grain and potentially dooming himself to a lifetime of night work in the banking trade? Unpossible!



  3. Fine, I’m starting my own club, and none of you are invited!


  4. Have you got something against “dumb little rich boy gets good job” stories? The whole thing smacks of class warfare.


  5. Bruce388 says:

    Is Li’l Luke writing a book about Timmeh the way Timmeh wrote about HIS old man?


  6. Bruce: You know it’s coming. Probably a graphic novel, don’t you think?


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