Owls have all the tools

Man, the Transformer movie should have starred this owl.

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  1. Matty Boy says:

    Are you fucking with him? I know I’m not.


  2. Listen to them, the children of Michael Bay, what beautiful music they make.


  3. Dimitrios says:

    Humans can make such drastic transformations, too. There’s Family Dad, Boardroom Dad, and Out-With-The-Guys Dads.


  4. B8ovin says:

    What could be worse? How about the female great horned owl. When she feels her nest is threatened she goes into a genuine panic and flies directly at the threat. They are known to fly headlong into a human. Don’t know about you but when a bird with as much as a five foot wing span flies into me, I’m freaking. But like Tengrain says, Owls, as a species, have all the tools


  5. Mac from Oregon says:

    Years ago, I was working graveyard shift and stepped outside for a break. I was leaning on a railing and looked to my left and not two feet away an owl ( big damned owl!) had landed silently while I was looking the other way. Startled the poop out of me. I jumped and he/she flew away in silence. Freaked me the hell out of me and still does. Gotta love those owls though.


  6. A neighbor had a barn owl fly into his apartment one night. I live in NYC…the village. Who the hell knew? Then again, well, I guess there are lots of options for dinner, between the mice, rats, pigeons and squirrels. He said it was bigger than you might imagine. Only got it out by getting a broom and pointing it at the owl who attacked the bristles; he carried the broom to the window and got the owl out. He also mentioned that it had very big scary looking talons. Wouldn’t want one to fly into my apartment, but they sure are beautiful.


  7. raceynora says:

    We had a screech owl that used to go after the bird’s nests in our trees. Memorialized him:

    He’s sitting on the tree trunk between the two cats.


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