Obama, the GOP Villagers, and Hitler

If you read the article that Mooselini references, you will see that in essence Thomas Sowell is accusing the Administration of Fascism on the way to Nazi-ism. Given the way that the Right continually pulls out the trope that the Left (MoveOn.org in particular) compared Chimpy to Hitler (which isn’t true) and the way they scream foul to this day, it seems a little beyond the pale that the intellectually lazy and disingenuous Sowell is being given any accommodation, let alone by Mooselini, who often wails about how she is so mistreated and compared to Hitler.

So what did the right say when two contributors to MoveOn submitted commercials to a contest that depicted Chimpy as Hitler?

The Google tells us…

…the whole thing seemed, as far as I could tell, to be motivated by an incoherent and sputtering animus toward Bush.

–Rich Lowry

I don’t say this because I feel a passionate need to defend George Bush. I would make the exact same points if Al Gore were president. I would make the exact same points if anybody running for the Democratic nomination were president. This has nothing to do with partisanship. It has to do with the fact that such comparisons are slanderous to the United States and historical truth and amount to Holocaust denial. When you say that anything George Bush has done is akin to what Hitler did, you make the Holocaust into nothing more than an example of partisan excess.

— Jonah Goldberg

A staple of Bush-hating is the portrayal of the president as a Nazi. That has, of course, been a prominent part of other attacks against other presidents, but today it seems to be deployed with particular aggressiveness against Bush. There are thousands of references, across the vastness of the Internet, linking Bush to Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich.
— Byron York

…portrayals of Bush as Adolf Hitler — as we saw and heard in the “human-rights” protests — betray an ignorance of liberty, an ignorance of right and wrong, an ignorance of commonsense.

— Bill Bennet

So what gives with this crazy popular analogy—one that on a typical Internet Google search of “Bush” + “Hitler” yields about 1,350,000 matches? …But something has gone terribly wrong with a mainstream Left that tolerates a climate where the next logical slur easily devolves into Hitlerian invective.

–Victor Davis Hanson

(I just did a query on Obama and Hitler and got back over 7 Million hits, something of an increase over what VDH experienced. It’s a silly unit of measure, but the very silly Hanson used it first, so this is just as legitimate as his first use of it.)

Okay, so where are these same outraged gentlemen now? Jonah, because you said you would defend anyone (even Al Gore) against these types of accusations, where are you? Why are they not speaking up?

Oh, I forgot the mention: the Sowell piece appeared on the NRO, so I guess that means that they all endorsed it, especially ol’ Starburst who is the editor, and presumably made the decision to let ‘er rip.

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