Readin’, ritin’, and Reagan…

After all the angst over how will the kiddies ever learn about Phyllus Schlafly and the Moral Majority (and her predecessor, Joe McCarthy) in the Texas school books, it turns out that no one can afford them.

Now it appears that Texas kids will have to glean those points from supplementary materials rather than new textbooks that were supposed to arrive in the fall. The state normally replaces textbooks on a rotating basis every 10 years. With Texas facing a budget shortfall of at least $11 billion in 2011, the money isn’t going to be there. Textbooks covering the new science standards would have cost $400 million, and the Legislature is already expecting a bill of $888 million for textbooks already ordered.

Yes, the native sons and daughters of the Lone Star State will have to learn about the significant contributions of the confederate soldiers elsewhere, because the state is broke, and will not be replenishing their old textbooks this year.

But not to fear, y’all: they found enough money stashed away somewhere so that they hope to produce a Science supplement about Evolution’s failabilities. And there will be a test: they upgraded the exit exam to match the new standards before they rolled out the new text books. Lots’a luck with that!

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0 Responses to Readin’, ritin’, and Reagan…

  1. Bruce388 says:

    Tarnation! Them young’uns won’t need no fancy booklearnin’ to clean up all that BP oil washing up on South Padre Island.


  2. s. douglas says:

    texas is still a state?

    i thought we gave it back to poland.


  3. I hope that the whore publishers who were willing to print that shit are shitting themselves now. So much for Texas calling the shots for other states with regard to textbooks. Which is a good thing, of course. That said…science books are only replaced every ten years?


    • Texas Betsy says:

      Pissed, the kids & teachers get the website for the textbook and can download annual updates. They can also take online quizzes and see videos that accompany the textbooks.


  4. 4K says:

    How soon before they are asking the fed for some help with the “vital and needed” items!