The Living Museum of ’80s Power Suspenders Lives!

Hahahaha! Imagine you are Larry King, The Living Museum of ’80s Power Suspenders and you read in the press that your Talkie is being replaced by some fat twit from a UK gameshow, and you still have a year left on your contract?

Do you:

  1. Threaten to horsewhip those buggers from the network to within an inch of their lives?
  2. Threaten to sic one of your Wives, Succubi or Harpies on them?
  3. Threaten to never interview Saint Ronnie again?

Well, whichever choice it was, it worked: the network is walking back the announcement of replacing him.

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0 Responses to The Living Museum of ’80s Power Suspenders Lives!

  1. Bruce388 says:

    The potential replacement is a judge on a talent show? That’s appropriate, since you wouldn’t want a news network to do anything, you know, newsy.