Painter of Light Arrested for DUI

Beloved painter of light (and god of Xeroxing said paintings of light) schlock-monster, Thomas Kinkade, was arrested in Carmel and booked in Monterey for driving under the influence, you know, in a good, Xristian kind of way:

On this lackadaisical news day, we bring you word that Thomas Kinkade, painter of Christ’s love reborn 10 million times over in picturesque cottage form, was recently arrested for alleged DUI. The California artist, according to reports, was pulled over Friday night just outside Carmel and arrested by an officer a little after 10 p.m. The 52-year-old “Painter of Light” was booked into the Monterey County Jail “on suspicion of misdemeanor drunken driving.” After performing sobriety tests, police say Kinkade remained “very polite” throughout the ordeal. Aw.

One can only wonder if the Arrest Warrant matches his sofa.


UPDATE: Boo’em, Dano

Looks more like the Drinker of Bud.

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0 Responses to Painter of Light Arrested for DUI

  1. Deborah says:

    Best Kinkade picture ever, up there.


  2. Matty Boy says:

    He is also the Drinker of Lites, about four or five pints of Miller Lite at a go.


  3. s. douglas says:

    i’m going with bud light.

    he just has that frat boy, “hey, baby. why don’tcha come up to my room so no one can hear me date raping you?” look.


  4. darkblack says:

    I can understand the drunk bit – trying to mimic a real artist and all that – but what’s with the dirty chin?



  5. raceynora says:

    Dude has a history of bad behavior – the residents of Carmel must just lerve having him around!


  6. psychobroad says:

    s douglas nailed it. Looks like every asshole I ever met at a frat party.


  7. Well, in fairness, didn’t his company that sells his craptastic “art” declare bankruptcy? He’s just another suffering artist.