Iron Maiden to Meet Iron Lady, hilarity ensues

Mooselini is on her way to make sweet, sweet, photo ops with the UK’s fossilized remains from the ’80s, Lady Thatcher, who is the last known fascist to shake Saint Ronnie’s Dick, the sacred relic of the GOP.

We assume that the Wassila Chillbilly is onto some new grift, and her mark must be senile. Someone should tell Lizzy to keep the crown jewels locked up. And the Princes, too, if Bristol is along.

Of course Pipette will try to sneak into Harvey Nic’s for free couture, and little Algorythm (the likeable Palin) will probably be lost in Heathrow’s baggage claim.

(The UK Press is already having a field day with this.)

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0 Responses to Iron Maiden to Meet Iron Lady, hilarity ensues

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  2. darkblack says:

    Hopefully Mags won’t spit up during feeding time and get oatmeal all over Sarah’s new store-bought funbags.



  3. Bruce388 says:

    The article talks about Sarah being the heiress to Reagan. Reagan had senility as a defense.


  4. I read a while ago that Maggie has Alzhemiers and has a difficult time recognizing her own daughter. WTF?


  5. Bruce388 says:

    So, maybe Sarah’s trying to get written into Maggie’s will.