The Power of MPS!

Only just the other day I was in a train speeding through Iowa (with such lovely lawns and famous fictional people), and today the Des Moines Register tells us…

A new KCCI poll out today finds Sen. Chuck I am not a nail Grassley’s lead over potential Democratic challenger Roxanne Conlin has dropped from 21 percentage points to nine.

Grassley leads 49-40 with 11 percent undecided.

Coincidence? Some say no!

For a nominal fee, I will be willing to speed through your state and use my awesome voodoo powers on your incumbent, too. Just let me know.

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0 Responses to The Power of MPS!

  1. Is the departure of Weepy really worth you transforming every single radio station into a celebration of 80s synthpop? Methinks no.


  2. Texas Betsy says:

    Tengrain, we need you all over every part of Texas, please. Then the rest of the south.


  3. Torontonian says:

    If you try that with Ontario, it’d take more than a day
    to get through the province. The Canadian takes 31 hours
    from Toronto to very near the Manitoba border. Moreover,
    it would cost more than $240 dollars in our high value
    Canadian dollars.

    Gone are the days of the cheap dollars that I used to
    call Hudson Bay pesos.

    But the train ride is truly picturesque particularly when
    travelling over the Great Canadian Shield.


  4. Dimitrios says:

    Who’d have thunk it? Our very own Tengrain, a political Typhoid Mary.

    I foresee a life filled with pelf and world travel.


  5. abo gato says:

    TG, I must echo Tex Bets….please, please come and speed around in Texas. The stupid here, it burns and that’s not just the July temps I’m talking about. (course, they can burn plenty too) Do you think your speedy voodoo can counteract the SBOE and their special brand ‘o nuts?


  6. can you ride the NYC subway and get rid of Bloomberg