Georgia: still crazier than Texas

Remember the other day when Georgia wrestled the Crazeee away from Texas when they passed a law that outlaws the government putting beepers in your vaginal-anus area? Me neither! So today, sensing that they were not crazee enough, Georgia decided to propose some birther legislation to make sure that noted Lawyer-Dentist-Realtor Orly Taitz always feels welcome. Or something.

Republican legislators in Georgia are following their counterparts’ lead in Arizona and proposing a law that would force President Obama and all other future presidential candidates to prove their citizenship before being registered to run in the state.

The move comes days after Arizona’s House passed a similar amendment which, according to the Arizona Republic, was inspired by the “birther” movement that believes President Obama is not entitled to hold the office of president because he wasn’t born in the United States.

But of course, no Birther story would be complete without a quote from some nut, so here we go:

But when asked by channel 11 if [state Rep. Mark Hatfield, the lead sponsor of the bill] considered himself a birther, Hatfield said, “No, I wouldn’t say that at all. I’m simply a citizen who is concerned, to make sure that the Constitution is upheld and enforced.”

“So you don’t know one way or the other whether he is a citizen of the United States?” reporter John Shirek asked.

“Well, of course not,” Hatfield replied. “I have not been given any sort of proof, one way or the other.”

(The Raw Story)

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0 Responses to Georgia: still crazier than Texas

  1. abo gato says:

    Woo Hoo! I can almost feel the IQ going up here in Texas.

    Fucking batshit nutter birthers. I hope all of this blows up in their faces, but I have little actual belief that it will.

    Too many fox viewers are still out there.


  2. Dimitrios says:

    Maybe they should stop concentrating on birth certificates and start checking brain activity readouts?


  3. BuelahMan says:

    Why is it impossible to believe that paperwork can be manipulated to make ppl believe something that is not true? (And don’t kneejerk and think that I believe that his grandparents wanted him to be POTUS…. there are a million reasons to manipulate the birth certificate for American citizenship)

    When I see a 2007 piece of paper, AFTER I was told it was his original paperwork (now the word is changed to “official” paperwork), I don’t swallow so readily. especially when I can show very similar documentation of my own?

    Why would he not show the original? Wiki answers this way (which seems like a cover-up stretch to me):

    it would not be advantageous for him to do that for several reasons. First, it would raise questions as to why it took him so long to release the “long form”. Second, it would hand his political adversaries a victory as it would show that he caved in to their demand; and finally, it would open the door to demands for many other records from his life that have nothing to do with his birth.

    These are the reasons ppl (commentators) are giving for NOT releasing the original documentation that is supposedly on record.

    Altho I can’t verify the amount of money being used to fight these requests in court, the number ranges from several hundred thousand to almost $2M.

    If true, why? Why the fight?

    Political posturing? To show he is no Republican pussy? To avoid showing other pertinent documentation?

    Funny that a birth certificate request isn’t too much of a problem for most ppl (including I) who live here. As a matter of fact, I can show you an original that DOES NOT match the one I legally use. I wonder how that paperwork was manipulated?

    Oh shit. That’s right. It can’t be (at least according to Obama Maniacs and ass kissing sycophants).

    I don’t know and frankly don’t give a rat’s ass whether or not he is Kenyan or anything else. He is bad for this country, no matter what. The entire corrupt system is bogus.

    But I am not gullible of foolish enough to agree with the the ass-kissers that this thing has been taken care of and that ppl should have no legitimate concerns or questions. For the truth is that we have NOT been shown documentation that proves his birth in America.

    It could easily be done (like his college records which he refuses to release).

    Amazingly, I remember all the bitching the sycophantic Dem Party Ass Clowns made about Bush’s missing records, but when it comes to their “party” to protect, the hypocrisy is glaringly LOUD.


  4. I think if you add up the total number of nut-jobs, Texas will easily outscore Georgia. Did you know that the word “lunatic” was actually invented in Texas?