Introducing The Broder-o-Matic!

The crackerjack research team at Mock, Paper, Scissors has done it again!

After literally moments of research, we have cracked David Broder’s secret algorithm to writing the patented David Broder Column! Using this handy cut-out-and-keep flow chart, you too can write a David Broder Column without even trying — Just like David Broder!

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0 Responses to Introducing The Broder-o-Matic!

  1. raceynora says:

    Really – Ten – a girl has her standards – why would I want to write like that hack?


  2. C Montgomery Burns says:

    Isn’t this the same chart the great Reagan-wannabe uses to
    determine his domestic policy?

    Oh my bad, it’s what he uses to explain why he keeps Emanuel on
    as his chief of staff..


  3. tommyspoon says:

    I think you forgot to include the “You Kids Get Off My Lawn” step. It’s really important to the Broder. 😉


  4. Zaius Nation says:

    Awesome! Broder uses a few more words, but I like your fonts better.