Backstage VIP Pass at the club…

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  1. moeman says:

    Um, where’s Gramps? takin’ a piss?


  2. so this is the remake of Showgirls


  3. I think Wonkette has it right (or the woman who claimed it wasn’t Brown). I also read somewhere that Steele suggested the RNC buy a plane to fly him around. Christ, he out grifts Sarah.
    And kudos, Ten, on a fabulous photoshop.


  4. wagonjak says:

    Frankly I think you may be getting too obsessive on this Michael Steele, psuedo-Lesbian Strip Club thing tengrain…just sayin’…C


    • Tengrain says:

      So what I’m hearing is… that I should stop working on the movie of Michael Steele visiting the pseudo-lesbian bondage strip club? Even though Peggy Noonan was going to do her dance of the 7 Mai Tais?

      Okay, [delete]


      Tengrain B. DeMille


  5. Lsamsa says:

    Ewww…really creeped out by that photoshop of Sarah Palin on the pole.
    What creeps me out even more…she’s probably entranced by said picture…’oh, I’ll just click back one more time’…’okay, just once more’…hey Todd dearie…