I will never fly SWA again

White people rapping. There ought to be a law.

But on the plus side, how can you resist an HR manager doing the Charleston while rapping (about a 1:30 into it ; green dress – and that’s when I shut it off)

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  1. darkblack says:

    ‘White people rapping. There ought to be a law.’

    Ah, the Safe Beats and Rhyme Control Act of 1993, sparked by Vanilla Ice and ‘Rico Suave’ – Sadly, that was repealed during the 1st Bush administration due to intense lobbying by the sportswear, gold chain and hair gel industries.



  2. retzilian says:

    You ain’t seen nothin yet:

    I showed this video to my almost 14-yr old daughter. Exact dialogue:

    Me: Here’s a Youtube video from a girl about your age who doesn’t like Obama’s new health care bill.

    Kid: What’s the health care bill?

    Me: Never mind. Just watch this. (pause to play)

    Kid: What is she doing? What IS she doing? Oh. My. God. You’ve GOT to be kidding. She’s a terrible singer. What’s she playing? What’s that song on her iPod? What is she saying?


    Me: Here are the lyrics.

    Kid: I don’t even want to know. No. Turn it off. No, wait, she’s in the car? She’s in the car? What is she doing? Oh. My. God. This is so lame. I feel sorry for her.


  3. Lsamsa says:

    I lasted 27 seconds…I’m such a wimp.


  4. retzilian says:

    The irony that is totally lost on that girl and anyone who so far has commented on this video in cyberspace is the original song she is overdubbing is Michael Jackson and he’s singing about oppressed third-world cultures – i.e., cultures of non-whites.