Too many blessings!

First Blam-blam in the hospital, and now Birther Queen, Real Estate Agent, Dentist and Attorney Orly Taitz is appealing her case to the United Nations, claiming that she needs protection from Barack Obama. No, you cannot make up stuff like this.

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  1. raceynora says:

    The United Nations? The gift that keeps on giving to late night TV.


  2. Lockwood says:

    The UN is just a bunch of socialists who are rooting for the terrists. WTF is she thinking?


  3. Her lawyers are from “Brimstone & Company”?

    You have got to be pulling our legs on this one.


  4. HarpoSnarx says:

    I’m thinkin’ the League of Nations is more suitable for her.


  5. Um, “Primary licenses in Washington DC and Nigeria?”

    Yeah, methinks we been punked but good!



  6. M. Bouffant says:

    I dunno, I was pretty suspicious, but there are what appear to be links to Amazon for Dr. Levy’s book from the Brimstone pages. And

    Did you know?

    Brimstone and Co.’s Clement Chigbo is the world’s leading author on business and property transactions in the Bahamas and writes a regular column in a Nassau newspaper.

    Dr. Jonathan Levy is the world’s leading authority on the mysterious political organization known as the Intermarium.

    That’s not regular, easy to fake crazy.


  7. Pope Bandar bin Turtle says:

    Bananas have appeal for a lot of people!


  8. MrE says:

    I called the number…seems legit, even though having offices in Nigeria just seems punky….

    Also: Orly the ex porn queen is soooo cute when she crazy!


  9. MrE says:

    The K-street address though is also suspect….I cant tell….that means either bestest punking evah, or really bad public relations imaging. Someone either needs to get hired or be fired.


  10. MrE says:

    Brimstone & Co. knows that the client and not the legal process is paramount.

    I dont think this is very lawyerly…..Im leaning on punked, though if that is the case, then these folks are thorough.


  11. Mauigirl says:

    Punked, perhaps, but it is funny!!!


  12. Mac from Oregon says:

    This is nit picking but the typeface on the News page of Brimstone and Co page is different in regards to Orlys news release. Could it be a real Company with a Hacked News release?


  13. Really, we are at the point when you just can’t tell what is snark anymore.