Couldn’t Major Garrett have called Vitter instead?

Wonkette via Raw Story:

Last night, during the State of the Union, Fox News’ Major Garrett accidentally showed his support for a Las Vegas-based consortium of whores via Twitter. See, he Tweeted: “To overcome the numbing weight of our politics” and other Obama SOTU excerpts Wed 27 Jan 18:22.” Except this URL does not redirect to whatever inane thing he had open in the tab next to the whores thing! The link opened to the whores themselves, one half of whom is pictured above, picking a wedgie like a gross person.

I mean, Vitter could probably even put him on his Friends and Family plan.

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0 Responses to Couldn’t Major Garrett have called Vitter instead?

  1. Whores? The link opened up on pictures of Congressmen?


  2. Demitrios says:

    The public wants health care reform, Wall Street wants money for nothing, congress critters want a high bribe to sell out for, and the media wants hookers. I think I’m beginning to see how the country got into this fix.


  3. Stu says:

    I am moderately curious to know why they have formed a consortium.


  4. I am not sure how much it would stimulate the economy if we all followed his lead? But the link was somewhat stimulating, nonetheless.


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  6. The site featured women, so it must have been a mistake. I’m starting to think that the whole bunch of them are closet cases.