Just a reminder

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We survived Chimpy, we will survive this, too. And let’s not forget that the GOP passed Chimpy’s tax cuts in the so-called Reconciliation Process, so the Dims could pass HCR there, too.

Quit being weepy, and let’s get organized. Everyone needs to send an email to their Member of Congress and to Nancy Pelosi telling them to plow ahead with it.

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  1. SkinnyDennis says:

    I had that “…people be so DUMB” phrase on my work pc as a screen saver 3 of the 4 years of the second term. Although the office is mostly righties, no one complained. I know they can read, so…

    Yes, write the reps, they definitely need some direction.


  2. Laura says:

    Exactofuckingmundo. And thanks.


  3. Watch now as the sackless Dem Pols spin this as, “We weren’t conservative enough!”

    The fact is that Obama and his sheeple haven’t been progressive enough, and so his progressive base stayed home.

    Once again, as my own state lets me down, I’m ashamed to be an American.


  4. Canadian Observer says:

    It is disheartening for those of us on the outside to witness, after the election of Barack Obama, the regression of what promised to be a more progressive and intelligent political agenda. It appears that America is not ready for the promised changes and is still deeply mired in the backward muddled mindset that has the rest of the world baffled. We had thought that the reign of GWB had been an aberration and not representative of the majority of Americans; desperately hoping we were not wrong in that assumption.


  5. tommyspoon says:

    Oh, Canada… 😉

    We go through such pendulum swings here in the good ole U S of A. I wouldn’t look at last night’s results as a referendum on anything except the arrogance of the Democratic Party in MA, which apparently forgot how to run a winning candidate. Frankly, I’m glad she lost now. She would have had her clock cleaned in 2012.

    Scott Brown is going to disappoint the following constituencies: the “Reagan Democrats” who are not as crazy as the Teabaggers, the Teabaggers who are not as sane as the “Reagan Democrats”, and the rest of the Commonwealth. His reelection is far from a sure thing.


  6. BamaGuy says:

    I have been filled with despair since I woke up at 2am and looked at my phone browser to see the miserable news that we have lost the senate. It is just so difficult now to have hope that Obama can create meaningful reform or change our course in a truly significant way.


  7. Oblio's Cap says:

    maybe if Obama would actually get off his ass and try to make meaningful change instead of being just another corporate hack, we could have change. He’s got to get rid of the Goldman Sachs plants and Clintonistas (I’m looking at you,Rahm)and push for real change instead of just giving us more of the same old tired business as usual stuff.



  8. Who’s weepy? I find this theatre highly comical.


  9. raceynora says:

    I am with Tommy – once the voters get an actual look of who this guy really is, he is toast!


  10. Lee says:

    “once the voters get an actual look of who this guy really is, he is toast!” But they already have, haven’t they? Oh yeah, that nude photo is a bit old, and his hand is strategically placed, but still, they’ve seen him nekked.


  11. Oblio’s Cap: It seems so obvious, yet it will not be done. Why? No money in it. That’s my guess.