Also, it is time to stop using buggy whips.

ZDNet’s Ed Bott says it is time to get off of IE6. The alleged Chinese Government hacking of Google and Adobe used an IE6 vulnerability. And whoever it was in Google using IE6 needs to fess up.

The marketplace is filled with credible alternatives to IE6, including Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. If you need to use Internet Explorer because it’s required for compatibility with specific websites or apps, you have alternatives from Microsoft itself. IE6 was replaced with the newer, more secure Internet Explorer 7 in October 2006, more than 40 months ago. And Internet Explorer 8 was released in March of 2009, nearly a year ago. Both browsers have large improvements in usability, including tabbed browsing, but their biggest selling point is security.

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  1. SkinnyDennis says:

    …and I’m using an operating system that was released in 2001.

    Seriously, I put Firefox on the good woman’s PC this afternoon, IE6 was having fits on a google scanned book webpage. Works fine now.

    Got to update to IE8 one of these days.


  2. raceynora says:

    The article I saw said IE 6, 7 and 8 were vulnerable. Go to Mozilla.


  3. Sorghum Crow says:

    No more buggy whips? What’ll I do for fun?


  4. Bruce388 says:

    Exchanged emails with a former co-worker over the weekend. She couldn’t get to the retirees’ website I maintain. I pointed her to, she installed it, now she sees everything perfectly.

    My Novell guy used to call it Internet Exploder.


  5. I assume Safari is safe. At home, no IE, but, sadly, it’s the required browser at work.