Xristian Xrazies want to kill, and kill again!

Sweet Jeebus with an Uzi, these peeps are pathetic!

Remember yesterday when notorious living tapeworm, Senator Coburn, told his fellow nutters and teabaggers to pray for Senator Byrd’s death to prevent the HCR bill for having 60 votes? Well, one of ’em did!

And then, this morning, when Senator Inhofe was not present to vote (he ditched the vote to fly home with his wife), the Xristian Xrazies all fell apart thinking that they had done prayed him to death, that their GOP god (Ronald Reagan) had take Inhofe home instead of Byrd, and that’s why HCR passed.

Here’s the video:

Do these people really exist, or was this a prank? Listen to the SOB well, sob. Lesson here, Xristian Xrazies, be specific when using voodoo to pray to Ronald Reagan for a Senator to die, praise Satan!

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0 Responses to Xristian Xrazies want to kill, and kill again!

  1. SkinnyDennis says:



  2. Tom Belt says:

    Completely dodged the weepy question (Not to be confused with Sen. Weepy) and did not get called on it.



  3. OMFG.

    Even YOU couldn’t make this shit up!


  4. M. Bouffant says:

    I’m suspicious. Twice asking the senator if he prayed “hard enough” sounds like a smarty-pants trying to make Sen. Em-Barrasso embarrass himself. Seems the Sen. was at least smart enough to avoid that one.

    Funny, though, you’d think a decent human being would say, “No, I didn’t pray for it & it was an awful thing to suggest in the first place.”


  5. Padre Mickey says:

    I HATES it when prayers gits God all confused and he kills the wrong guy!


  6. mark h says:

    I’ve got that clip up too, and I have a feeling that it will shine from many a page. It is too good not to. It is Carrie Prejean on Larry King good, proof that even if God will not smite on command, he will at least bless us with fine video.


  7. and we thought sitcoms were dead. the GOP is one giant sitcom


  8. John Hoffman says:

    Sometimes, getting one ones knees and shouting imprecations into the toilet bowl helps with the focus. Remember to flush.


  9. zencomix says:

    The irony of the phone call coming from a place called “WayCross” is almost too much.


  10. This is why I pray to Cthulhu. Gonna kill everyone, so no worries about striking the wrong yokel.


  11. raceynora says:

    If only they had prayed Inhoufe off the earth!


  12. SkinnyDennis says:

    Local xristian heads xploded here in Sonoma County when due to a complaint, county authorities scrambled to pull angels and stars from county xmas trees. I caught the breaking edge of this story the other night, on a site that had a comments section. Any real Christian would be shocked to read the comments, most of which not only condemned the complainant to eternal hell, but prayed god kill the man for his evil doings.

    What would Jesus do? These people don’t have a clue. They are the American Taliban.

    Local story here


  13. HarpoSnarx says:

    “a decent human being”

    Hey we’re tawking Goopers here.

    Besides the Dummkopfs of Righteousness didn’t get Paddy Robertson on board the “We Will Keel You with Prayer (or was it single-payer)” express.


  14. libhomo says:

    Nothing fails like prayer.


  15. Bruce388 says:

    “I used to be cynical but I had too much trouble keeping up.” — Lily Tomlin


  16. psychobroad says:

    **snicker*** Bruce 388, once again you are the man. I showed my husband your comment about the woman in California running for office on her looks. We have a mixed marriage (he’s a conservative, although not batshit crazy) and he had to laugh. Some things transcend politics.